Rob's Car

Developed for the road going class in hill climbs & sprints by myself and my father. We've owned it since new, a factory-built series one in 1992. It's been pretty successful, almost always been in top 3 in class & often 1st against expensive competitors.
Basic spec; Brakes standard but grooved discs and Ferodo pads; engine is ex-TVR 5 litre with ACT twin plenum & larger air meter, dry-sumped with oil cooler, Tornado custom-mapped ignition and fuelling, larger Bosch injectors, gives about 370lbft torque. Stiffened chassis, uprated springs, Nitron dampers, adjusted suspension settings. No anti-roll bars. Quaife ATB differential, 9" wheels, 245/45 tyres. Rain sealing of doors & fresh air supply for demist (the most useful mods!)