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This page is made up from information from many Ginetta owners. IT IS IMPORTANT that you double check any parts before fitting them as no two Ginetta's appear to be the same !!!

Download the complete parts manual PDF here.

Steering Column

The steering column looks like its been made at the factory using cannibalised parts, i.e. splines & universal joints. The steering wheel boss & switchgear appear on comparison to have been sourced from a Mk 2 Fiesta.

Light Lenses

Rears are from the Vauxhall Chevette

Front Indicators/Side Lights

Early G33's have units from the fiat Strada, and later ones use the 1990's Lotus Elan units from the Rubber light company.

Front Brake Discs & Pads

These are 2WD Sierra Cosworth 283mm diameter front discs but you'll need to get them turned down to 274mm dia.

Front Pads are Mintex MDB1323 or EBC DP2753

Rear Brake Discs & Calipers

These are fitted to the Sierra Cosworth 4x4, Escort cosworth 4x4 etc. They ARE VENTED not solid. 273mm diameter 20mm thick 43mm height.Part no. 5024175. P.S.They are also fitted to TVR's like the Chimera & Griffith. And I believe an after market part no. is RS3256.

Rear Brake Pads

The rear pads are common to a number of Sierra's 2.9i, /2WD/4WD/RS500 cosworth's etc.

Mintex part number MDB1287, EBC part number DP2617 and I think the Ford number is 1652206.

One point to remember when you're changing the rear pads. Don't try to force the piston back into the caliper to make space for the new, thicker pad. It wont go! It has to be screwed back in to over-ride the handbrake self adjuster. If you've got a small angle grinder the two pronged key supplied to change the discs fits the slots in the piston a treat, allowing the piston to be fully wound back in. Alternatively buy the special tool to do the job from a motor factors. Remember to line up the pip on the brake pad backing with the cross on the piston, otherwise the piston will not sit on the backing properly causing the piston to jam.

I can personally recommend the EBC "green stuff" range of disk pads, as they have a greater bite than the OEM pads, and are recommended to light weight cars where the pads can be made slightly softer for a better low pressure grip. The original OEM pads would have been used with servo assistance, and as the Ginetta does not use a servo the hard pads can lead to a wooden feel to the brake pedal.

Brake Flexible Hoses. (or a pig of a job!)

These are BF Goodridge parts - made to order by Ginetta, and not taken from any production car. Merlin Motorsport can make up replacements, but be warned once you undo the rear bulkhead connectors to remove and refit the hose from the steel brake lines, they will not reseal, so you will need to replace the unions, and the brake lines on each side at the rear, plus the T piece that spits the pipe from the feed down the center of the car. There is a mix of UNF and metric parts used. On my car the rear bulkhead fittings are UNF, but T peace and brake nuts are metric, so be warned. You can replace the rear brake lines from under the car, but its awkward.

The front flexible hoses are easily replaced as you don't have to disturb the bulkhead fitting, as the flexible hose is fitted with a banjo that can be unscrewed to allow the hose to rotate and come undone.

Hubs & Bearings

The alloy uprights appear to be bespoke items made by/for Ginetta. The hubs, bearings & seals on the other hand are Ford Sierra items & I have obtained useful information on them from the Haynes manual. The big nut securing the hubs is a bitch to remove. NOTE These are handed!!

The bearing & seal numbers for the fronts are as follows. Bearing No SKF BT1B332541AB-0. Seal No 85AB-1190-AA 019116 SU585014L.

Ford/Motorcraft part numbers

Ford part no.'s 5010762 & 5008716. as specified by Ginetta.

Quinton Hazell QWB568 & QWB569 Ford & QH eventually just did one kit which contained both nut threads.

I think QWB568. Halfords just did one with both nuts HWB324

Just ask for the QWB or HWB part no. They are for pretty much any model Sierra/Sapphire 83-93 except 4WD.

Engine Mounts

Rover SD1

Fuel Pump

This type of pump cannot draw fuel uphill & must either be gravity fed or supplied by a low pressure pump. The former in the case of the G33. This pump is generally known as the Bosch 044, and easily sourced as its used on the TVR's.


Basically the 7/1/2 diff was fitted to the Granada Cosworth's & some 2wd Sierras as well as the real 2WD Cosworth's. When this diff was fitted to the Granada it had 100mm (3.93... inch) flanges which are the standard Sierra size. The 2WD Cosworths had 108mm (4.25... inch) flanges. OF MORE INTEREST FORD SWEDEN also did a Granada & Sierra V6 auto with a 71/2 diff with, guess what, a 3.14 ratio !! and 100mm (4 inch) flages, and some of these seem to have been fitted to G33's.

Due to the range of Ford Differentials fitted, any advice and parts can be sourced here

Drive shafts and Libro joints

Joints on mine are Sierra XR 4x4 as I use this diff. I think Burtons do them. Ginetta do not list a Ford part number for the joints as they bought their driveshafts in as complete items and then modified them. If you have one of the Sierra Cosworth diffs, which is more likely, then unsurprisingly you want 2WD Sierra Cosworth joints. Again Burtons should be able to help or your local motor factor probably has them.

Radiator and Fans

These are from the Sierra Cosworth

Shock Absorbers

These can be Spax or Avos, the later being the more common. Available directly from Chassis dynamics or via motorsports outlets like Demon tweaks. Decent lightweight units can be made to order by Protech Stocks, based in Wiltshire, although you will need to send an example of the AVO's you want to replace as they don’t have a pattern for a stock G33 - Mine were modified when replaced with Protech’s.

Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

Located on the front chassis cross bar is from a Hillman Imp. (Unipart/Partco) supplied a switch branded Intermotor, part number 51610.

Top Hose (used on early cars)

This is from a MK1 Ford Escort circa 1972. This is no longer officially available from Ford, but I have still found them in motor factors under the Quinton Hazel part. The Ford part number is 72AB8260AA. Quinton Hazel Part number RH 958. The vent off pipe that feeds the expansion tank appears to be a Ginetta addition. A better option is to cut the pipe at its highest point, fit a short aluminum pipe with a suitable vent of pipe fitted. Its very difficult to refit the Ginetta additional pipe at the highest point

Here’s the Gates part numbers:

Thermostat exit top hose - needs modifying (see above)

Radiator Hose, Part Number: 3070

This hose can be cut into two to join to the top left of the radiator.

Radiator Hose for Peugeot, Ford, VW, Nissan Part Number: 3485

This hose can be cut down to join the lower radiator hose to the water pump. It will need a joining pipe to link the two rubbers.

Radiator Hose Part Number: 3577

This hose can be cut down to join to the above pipe that feeds into water pump from the radiator.

Radiator Hose for Bedford, Vauxhall, Opel Part Number: 3516

Door Trim Clips

These are Ford, and used to hold insulating material to the bonnet. Ford part number is F1632899. About £10 for 25

Door Locks

These are from the Austin Montego saloon (Jan 86 to Nov 88)

The door release button and key is an Austin Rover - Part No. JRC3556H The matching plate/actuator on the back is also Austin Rover - Part No. JRC3562V but it is then modified to suit the G33. The rod is a Ford item - Part No. 6133090 modified by Ginetta for the G33. The plastic clip everyone is getting excited about may be supplied with the rod. Go and chat up your local Ford parts dept person and ask to see his computerised exploded diagrams. These will show the rod and any clips there may be associated with it. He should also be able to tell you the donor vehicle. The actual door catch, striker pin, retainer and washer are also all Ford parts. I have the numbers if you want them. The door catches are handed. The above details are for a series 2 G33. My sources also reveal a further Ford Part No. on the series 1 G33 for a clip associated with the door catch rod. Again, this could be the vital clip. The part no is 6100182. Finally, the Series 1 G33 has 2 rods associated with the door catches, Ford Part Nos 6133080 & 6133089. Looks like these are handed. I wonder if the 6133090 rods superceded them in the Ford parts bin.

Wiper Blades & Arms

Wiper arms where cut and modified to length by Ginetta. Your easiest bet is to get adjustable arms and new blades from Europa specialist spares. These are chrome. 01283 815609 Arm part number U77300 About £12 each. Blade part number B12311 About £10 each.

Fuel Filter

Fram G3829. Alfa 75, Alfa 119113206104 BMW 3.0. 13321270038

Door Mirrors

Mirrors are from the Fiat Uno

Suspension & Steering Rose joints

1/2" x 1/2" ROSE JOINT Ultra High Performance Male RH Rod End Quantity:2

5/8" x 5/8" UNF Ultra High Performance RH rose joint Quantity:4

1/2" x 1/2" UNF Ultra High Perf Female RH Rose Joint Quantity:2

Recommended to keep the dirt out, Sealing Boot for 5/8" or 3/4" Male or Female Rose Joint Rod End Dust Boot

All these are available from eBay at a reasonable cost.

Wishbone Metalasastic Bushes

The G33 front wishbone bushes are Spitfire/GT6. Rimmer 119451

The rear wishbone bushes (and diff mount bushes )are TR6 front lower(inner) bushes. Rimmer 141481

You can buy Polybush kits and the Ginetta takes 2 of these kits:

Polybush front upper and lower wishbone bush

and 3 of these:

Polybush front bottom wishbone bush

This does leave a couple of spare bushes, but the kits won’t be broken by Polybush. Note - Red or Racing bushes are NOT recommended for the G33, as the use of rose joints already make the suspension harsh, plus some of the wishbone bush alignments are not that precise so a little give makes the whole lot work a lot better. Front wish bones have been known to fail where nylon bushes have been fitted!

Bonnet Catches & Latch Pin

The G33 bonnet catch is Ford part number 165114.

The pin that it latches to on the bonnet is also a Ford part, number 6150144.