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Having trouble getting a paint match? The colours used were unique to Ginetta and made by I.C.I. in 2K (2 pack ). This information was taken from an I.C.I catalogue of 1994 should still be available from I.C.I. car paint stockists with these codes. The numbering system seems a little perverse, (I assume M is metallic and P is pearlesent) BUT please proceed with caution and let me know if there is any confusion.

Mark Thompson

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Ginetta Code Colour I.C.I Code
004 Saltsburg P 4SN9B
006 Firethorn SG03 4SL4B
009 Sunflash SG03 4SL6B
012 Pacific M 4SM9B
013 Paris Blue 4SM2B
027 Ricard SG02 4SL9B
028 Super Ice white SG01 4SL5B
029 Black SG05 4SL8B
031 Starlight M 4SM3B
032 British racing green SG05 4SL7B
032 British racing green M SG05 4SM8B
033 Basian M 4SM6B
034 Firence P SG06 4SN7B
035 dusk pink SG06 4SP1B
036 Mondello P SG06 4SN8B
037 Ebony M 4SM1B
038 Velvet P 4SN5B
Malibue P SG02 4RS6G

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