Simon's Car

Chassis number 25 (i think,maybe 26??), two previous owners (first David Ellis acquired vehicle on 1/10/1992, second John Francis bought 07/03/2000) I bought 27/4/2005. It was originally 'bright red' but got repainted some time in Ford Regency Red (more of a metallic lighter red colour). It was built with a JE Engineering 4.5 litre engine, stage 3 heads, dry sumped, stainless steel exhausts, tuftrided crank, still runs the fuel injection (re-mapped), roll bar, standard wheels with 215/50/15 Bridgestones, rose jointed all round. It was made with a hard top, don't know if this is the only one or not ? Soft top pulls the windscreen rubber from the top of the screen if I try and fix it properly!!